Animation, Games, Augmented and Virtual Realities, Compositing and Special Effects, Motion Capture

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Salish Sea Under Water Classroom

This is the Salish Sea VR Teaching environment being projected onto a video screen for viewing without having to use the VR headset at the Seattle Center. Laura Diver is demoing the motion capture she did in the project.

Breathing Machine and Compassion Dilator

There were two interactive video installations in this series which was shown at Lusio Light Show at Volunteer Park in Seattle Washington. These are a translucent inflated heart and inflated lungs, which had image mapped videos projected on to them, which people could enter to watch the videos.

The inflated lung piece was called the Breathing Machine and sought to create a dialog about the continuum of the human species and nature in the context of the environment.

The second installation was an inflated translucent anatomical heart with image mapped videos projected onto it called the Compassion dilator which sought to create a dialog about compassion and human interaction.

Breathing Machine Video Footage

Compositing and Special Effects

Here is a step by step over view of compositing projects.

Compositing is used to add CG components into either CG backgrounds and environments or real life back grounds or environments. A good starting point to understanding this would be to look at a photo which a CG character can be added into. The character will need to be lighted in Maya or another modeling animation software to match the photo. If the light and rendering of the CG character are done correctly the composited photo with the CG character added into it will be seamless. This same system can be used with CG animations and film footage, which is basically how most of the Star Wars movies were shot.


Skeleton Flower Motion Capture and Virtual Reality, Degenerate Art Ensemble (work in Progress)

I worked with Degenerate Art Ensemble helping to sew costumes and paint sets. I also helped with their virtual reality project as a creative technician, building out the virtual reality, using photogametry to create the avatar and using motion capture to animate the avatar with Crow’s Butoh dance.

The Songs We Sang, Augmented Reality, Museum of History and Industry New York, NY (work in progress)

Peculiar Angel Animation stills

Chess Versus Checkers Animation Stills (Texas A&M VIZ Lab group project)

Animations from Peculiar Angel Installation

Peculiar Angel was a 20′ x 10′ interactive video installation.